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Category: Python

This section contains useful knowledge about python.

Speech Recognition, Audio Record, Translate Text with Python just One Video!

You can click to view my github repository.

Cat & Dog Classifier with CNN and Keras

Hello everyone, as you can see i have github and gist repository and you can click to review detailed.

7 Tricks to Write Better Python Code

Hello everyone! This post contains 7 tricks to python. You can download ipynb notebook from github and gist. Hopefully, it…

OpenCV Basic Image Operations Part I/V

If you couldnt see ipynb file click here. Or you want to download html file please click here. Please wait,…

How to download image with python? Just 9 line codes.

Hello everyone! In this post, i’m trying to teach that how to download image from internet with python. Firstly we…

Simple Linear Regression in Six Step on Python.

Hey! As you can see that i want to show you that “how you can create linear regression model on…

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