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Manhattan 2018 November.

Who am i?

Hello everyone! My name is Murat. I’ve been living in this planet since 1996. Im in love to learning everything about data. So we can change the world by use to data. I founded this web site in 2019. I want to share what i learned.

My education

I will be graduated 2020 Jaunary, from Celal Bayar University in Manisa / TURKEY. My department was Software Engineering. But my syllabus is contained lots of lessons about data science. GPA: 3.6 / 4

In high school, my department was Information Technology, moreover i also had my branch. My branch was database programming. GPA: 89.98 / 100 By the way, i graduated from school with a first degree.

My interests

I’ve been vegan since 2016, that’s because animals right mean veganism. I know animals are not property, therefore im vegan. All the pain, all the exploitation, completely wrong, completely unnecessary. Additionally, I’m an abolitionist vegan activist. For more information you can click english or turkish source. Did you know you can easily be vegan. I’m sure these english guide website or turkish guide website can help you.

Abolistionist Vegan Activism
Abolitionist Vegan Activism in Alsancak/Izmir

I’ve been doing sport since i was 19. I want to represent my country as a vegan powerlifter. It is so im hard working recently. Actually i don’t care finish line, because i love the process. In that case i have always motivation.

Travel is meaning excellent experiences for me. I’m travelling sometimes with bicycle or hitchhiking, and maybe by train. I travelled to a lot of province in United States of America. Different cultures, different languages, different friendhips are perfect feeling for me. Hopefully, i can see all of the countries.

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