Hello everybody! I will teach you that how to create CV using R. Don’t worry because it is very easy and convenient.

Firstly we should install packages “vitae”, and don’t forget call library(“vitae”)

If you are successful about vitae setup, you can restart R studio and you can create new r markdown. When you create new R Markdown, you can see “From Template” and you can see {vitae} templates. I choosed Awesome, but you can try Hyndman and ModernCV. I prefer Awesome CV, thats because i liked it.

You can define name and location. Lastly click OK!

R Markdown creating CV Resume.

When RMD file has been created, we can see default text for CV. We should change this default text, but attention! We can’t change default pattern. We can add text or remove text, but if pattern broken we can’t take a beautiful cv.

You can click here to see example cv, and you can click to download RMD file.

You can go to “github” and “gist” repositories url, to review detailed.